10 Best Exhaust for Ford Mustang GT 2021

Driving your Ford Mustang with a faulty exhaust system is not safe. It is dangerous to yourself, your passengers, and also to your car. For improved performance, don’t you think your vehicle needs new exhausts? It is easy to detect a faulty exhaust and replace it asap. But how do you choose the right exhaust that gives better performance? Check out below for some of the best exhaust for Ford Mustang GT.


Comparison Chart

Here are the best exhausts for Ford Mustang GT – there is definitely no shortage of choice.

1. Roush 421127 Exhaust Kit

This exhaust fits 2011-2014 Mustang GT.Product DescriptionIt features an open-chambered muffler and round tips made of sturdy steel with a chrome finish. The perfect shiny finish gives the exhaust a sleek look. They are not prone to cracking when they get exposed to high temperatures. The chrome finish is also fade-resistant. The exhaust comes with hardware and instructions to ease the installation process.Other Features and BenefitsThey are quiet on the highway, and it is easy to install. The kit mounts to the factory mounting points. With instructions includes, instruction is pretty straightforward.


  • Easy installation
  • Hardware included
  • Perfect finish


The OEM system was difficult to remove during installation

2. Roush 421145 Exhaust System

This exhaust fits the 2011-2014 Mustang. It is ideal for those who wants something powerful and reasonably priced.Product DescriptionIt features an all-new open chambered muffler with sturdy steel round tips. It has an inhibited sound, increased lifetime since there is no fiberglass packaging. For maximized power, this exhaust increases airflow. It also features round tips that are of stainless steel. The special chrome finish adds shine and also protects the exhaust from cracking. The OE-quality clamps are spherical to fit on your Mustang perfectly.Other Features and BenefitsInstalling this exhaust is easy as all you need to do is use the mounting points and the instructions provided. Another good feature of this exhaust is how it quickly works to eliminate the in-cockpit boom. It does not negatively affect emissions. The increased airflow ensures there is a maximized horsepower and torque. Lastly, with this exhaust, your car’s mileage gets increased.


  • Easy bolt-on
  • Increase gas mileage


Gets louder at some point

3. MBRB S7200AL Exhaust

This is a durable and generally badass exhaust that perfectly fits a 2017 Ford Mustang GT without any problems. Product DescriptionThis exhaust system features a heavy-duty material for added durability, and aluminized steel construction contains sealed tubing. With these, you are sure of longevity. The exhaust kit comes with a chambered muffler and a 409 stainless steel rounded tip. There is an included hardware that comes with the kit as well.Other Features and BenefitsIt provides a maximized exhaust flow for a cooler and low exhaust temperature by the engine. It also provides greater fuel efficiency, increased horsepower, and more torque. This exhaust is also easy to install.


  • Quality
  • Sleek appearance
  • Fits well


A little louder

4. Borla 11806 exhaust

It has been constructed with heavy-duty materials and a perfect finish to perform best in your car.Product DescriptionIt features 304 series stainless steel, and a single round rolled angle cut. It is a rear axle- back style exhaust made with a natural finish to complement its look. The two 304 stainless steel turbo-styled mufflers also have a natural finish.Other Features and BenefitsIt also features a polished rounded tip with rolled edges. Hardware comes with the kit, and installation is quick and straightforward. It delivers the highest performance for a more desirable sound.


  • Incredible sound
  • Great quality
  • Perfect finish


Does not come with instructions

5. Roush 421145 Exhaust system

Enjoy a great exhaust sound with the Roush exhaust system. Installing these on your Ford Mustang gives it a little roar.Product DescriptionMost of these exhausts have an open-chambered muffler made of 304 stainless steel round tips for durability. The special chrome flashing process on this exhaust is cracking-resistant. They don’t also renege when exposed to a high temperature.The 409 stainless mufflers and inlet pipe improve the durability of the exhaust system. It, therefore, guarantees longevity.Other Features and BenefitsWhen installing, the factory hanger mounting points make it easy to install quickly. The exhaust also features spherical OE-quality clamps. Therefore, fitment will be exact and perfect. It contains reduced inhibited sound and increased airflow for maximized power.


  • It has more power
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Aggressive sound


A bit expensive

6. Rough Axle-Back Exhaust

The Rough Axle-Back Exhaust is inexpensive, easy to install and very reliable. It’s constructed with the fitment of the 2018-2020 Mustang GT.Product DescriptionIt features mufflers, polished tips clamps, and installation instructions, and T-304 stainless steel tips are not affected by corrosion. Installing this on your car improves performance, sound, and power horse flow. You experience all these thanks to the dual high flow mufflers.Other Features and BenefitsThis exhaust also features a stainless axle-back exhaust system. The instructions are a quick way to guide you with the installation. The exhaust makes a loud noise when starting your car, but it eventually fades while riding your car.


  • Loud on start-up
  • Excellent performance
  • Great value


Extremely loud

7. Corsa 14332BLK Cat-Back exhaust

The Corsa Exhaust is a great value. It fits the 2015-2016 Ford Mustang GT.Product DescriptionIt’s constructed with a Patent reflective Sound (RSC) technology. It increases performance in your vehicle. It’s also constructed with 304 stainless steel for increased durabilityOther Features and BenefitsIt aggressively makes noise when accelerating and when you are cruising. You also get a drone-free experience. It does all these without affecting the performance of the car. The exhaust is custom-tuned, and it is very easy to install.


  • Custom tuned
  • Sound cancellation
  • Stainless steel construction



8. Borla 11837 Cat-Back Exhaust System

The Borla 11837 is a great choice for any Ford Mustang GT owner. It does manage everything you need it to. Product DescriptionThe Borla exhaust features a turbo-styled muffler made with a 304 stainless steel material. Its natural finish enhances its appearance and contains polished round tips in the kit. There is hardware that comes with it and easy to follow instructions to guide you. Other features and benefitsIt enhances the fuel economy in your car, saving you money. It can be quiet as you want it to be and be loud too. The exhaust comes with a million-mile warranty. The stainless tubing is not prone to rust.


  • Affordable
  • No annoying drones
  • High-quality stainless steel construction


It takes a long time to install

9. SLP M31021 axle-Back exhaust

It performs best under hard acceleration, produce a great sound, and fit your Mustang. Product DescriptionIt features two mufflers; wrapped with a perforated ceramic core, which is a more advanced component compared to the older mufflers. It is also lighter than the OEM muffler assembly. It contains a perforated styled tubing muffler with a polished finish.Other Features and BenefitsThey align with the OE standards to perfectly fit your Mustang GT. They have a smoother emotion of fumes and gases and have a great sound. You can easily change them between the mufflers and the SLP resonators.


  • Designed to OE standards
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • No welding needed



10. Corsa 14335BLK Cat-Back exhaust

Corsa 14335BLK offers a lot of features at a pocket-money price. It is compatible with the 2025-2016 Ford Mustang GT, and it is a perfect fit.Product DescriptionCorsa exhaust has a Patent Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) technology. It features a 304 stainless steel construction and contains two mufflers, tip and has hardware included in the kit.Other Features and BenefitsCorsa exist systems helps in filtering noise thanks to the RSC technology. Therefore, you have smooth, no droning sounds. Since there low backpressure, your car engine produces more torque and horsepower.


  • Noise cancellation technology
  • Increases horsepower and torque


Too loud

Buying Guide

Many things prompt us to buy certain things. Here are basic things that will drive you into purchasing the best exhaust your Ford Mustang requires. They include:

1. Material

If you’re looking for durability, something that’s going to last you a lifetime, then steel is all you need. Exhausts that are from solid steel are durable and are a perfect choice. However, they are pretty expensive, and sometimes your budget may not allow you to go that big. There are less expensive versions of steel, which can be great alternatives. Instead of focusing on solid steel, opt for aluminized steel, ceramic-coated steel, or painted steel. These materials are budget-friendly. Let not price be a stopper to getting quality exhausts.

2. Price

The way these exhausts come in different types, or designs, the same applies to the price. Nothing beats the price like these exhausts in our list. But it does not mean all of them are going to fit your budget. All of us spend our money differently depending on our income. Some people go for the price tag; the more expensive a product is, the more likely they’re to purchase. Price is never a guarantee of quality sometimes. Let the quality and specification of a product take the lead in your purchase options. Find an exhaust whose price matches the quality of what you are searching for in an exhaust. It doesn’t matter if it’s pricey or cheap, but something durable and affordable is worth it.

3. Compatibility

From our reviewed products, you can see not all these exhausts discussed fit the same Ford Mustang, year models. Each gets compatible with a certain year. An exhaust that matches your car specifications will perfectly fit. You will find it easier to install exhausts that are compatible with your car.

4. Warranty

Warranty is important to check before purchasing a product. What if something goes off with your exhaust? Is the company able to cover you up for a certain time frame? Products without warranties incur additional charges whenever you get problems with the exhausts you’ve just purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How long do exhausts last?

A. A good exhaust should last you up to 3 years. However, the longevity of exhausts in your Ford Mustang depends on your driving style. How much of an aggressive driver are you?

Q. What do exhausts do?

A. The exhaust system in your car that’s working does a lot in enhancing vehicle performance. They control the amount of noise your vehicle produces. It also acts as an emission outlet where fumes and gases. Other than that, it also maintains fuel economy.

Our Top Pick

We’ve picked out Roush 421127 to be the best for your Ford Mustang GT. It’s not because it tops the list, but it does deliver quality performance. They require no modifications to fit your vehicle. They give your vehicle the throaty-sound it deserves. Everything gets included to ease the installation process.


With a list of ten reviewed exhausts, you have reasons to pick what suits your needs. We’ve narrowed it down for you. We’ve highlighted the pros, cons, and factors you need to look for when purchasing new exhausts. With all this information, you will not have trouble getting an exhaust for your Ford Mustang GT

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