How to Replace Rear Calliper on Ford Fusion

Brakes are a key safety measure when you are on the road. Sometimes as a driver, you will experience warning signs with stopping your wheels. A calliper puts pressure on the rotors and put the wheels at a stop when you step on the brake pedal. Replacing a calliper is an important measure to take as soon as you realize they start to wear out. If you value your Ford Fusion, here are ways to replace a rear calliper.



  • New callipers
  • Brake fluid
  • Protective wear
  • Jack and Jack stands
  • Wrench
  • Ratchet
  • Screwdriver
  • Shop towel
  • Signs of faulty callipers

  • When your Ford Fusion pulls on the sides when applying brakes, this is caused by a faulty calliper not functioning properly because of dirt or when it gets old.
  • When the brake fluid tends to leak on the wheels, it could be the calliper.
  • When the brake system gets worn out, it will cause a screeching or a squeaky sound when you slow down or stop the car.

<h2 “=”” =””=”” style=”text-align: left;” tve-droppable”=””>How to replace the rear callipers

Here is a guide to give you knowledge with basic skills on how to successfully replace a rear calliper. Give your Ford Fusion new braking callipers with the right tools and procedures required for the project. Please park your car on a levelled ground and switch off the engine before working on it. It’s best to have your emergency brakes at anytime you are about to repair the brake system.Raise your car with a jack and keep it in place using jack stands. You can put pieces of wood to prevent the car from accidentally rolling.

Step 1 Remove the rear tires

To access the brake assembly, you will need to remove the rear wheels. Remove the lug nuts to make the brake assembly visible to see what you are working on clearly. They should easily come out and if you experience difficulty, lube them before trying to remove them

Step 2: Remove the bolts at the back of the motor

Locate these bolts at the back of the calliper. Start with one side at a time when removing the callipers before attending to the other side. Removing the callipers one a time will control the amount of brake fluid lost during the process. These bolts hold tightly, and to remove them, use a wrench to grip on it. The bolts are usually in two. Loosen it in a back and forth motion in a counter clockwise direction. Pry it off with a ratchet.Loosen the fitting on the brake line, usually connected to the frame mount. At this point, you will notice brake fluid leaking. You can use a dry towel to trap the dripping brake fluid from the metal tubes. It will minimize the amount of leakage. Wipe it off.

Step 3: Remove the calliper and the brake pads

With the bolts at the back removed, the calliper will now be loose to remove. Take the calliper off from the brake pads using your hands. Alternatively, use a flathead screwdriver by placing it between the calliper and the rotor to pry it off. When removing the calliper, please do not interfere with it getting attached to the hose. It ensures there is no leakage of brake fluid occurring. Remove the brake pads also from the brake assembly.

Step 4: Reinstall the new calliper

The new callipers need to be compatible with the Ford Fusion and are the same as the old one. There are different types of callipers, its best to go for one that comes with a bracket. Use a ratchet to grip the mounting bolts and rotate it counterclockwise to remove it. When removed, the old calliper and the hose will disconnect. Dry off any dripping brake fluid with a shop towel and place the bolt back. Position the bolt with the new callipers and the bracket onto the rotor. The piston should be backward of the brake rotor when positioning the calliper. Place the calliper onto the Rotate in a clockwise using your hands until you can’t hand tight it anymore. Once it is in place, secure it tightly with a ratchet to keep it in position. Countercheck to see if it’s not wobbly and is perfectly fit. You don’t want to experience loose callipers when driving your Ford Fusion.

Step 6: Bleed the brakes

To bleed the car brakes, locate the brake fluid under the hood. Loosen it by unscrewing the cap, and then let the brake fluid drain. Loosen the bleeder valve by rotating it counterclockwise and allow the brake fluid to drain. The fluid will drain into the hose. The benefit of bleeding your makes is that it makes them function perfectly. Release any air from the calliper by brake pedalling several times. When there are no bubbles from the hose, you know the air has got completely released from the calliper. You will need to get assistance when bleeding out the brakes.

Step 7: Reinstall the tire

Bled brakes are a good way to go. With the air released from the calliper, you are safe to reinstall the wheels. Place and push your wheels back and reinstall the lug nuts and tighten them counterclockwise.Repeat the same process with the other rear side of the wheel.

Step 8: Taking a test drive

Test the new callipers on the Ford Fusion by taking it on a short ride to determine if it’s fixed or not. They should work smoothly without a squeaky noise.


Replacing brake callipers is not done as often as the other brake components. Therefore, if you notice your rear wheel needs a change, it is advisable to wear protective clothing when handling brake fluid. Check that everything is reattached correctly before taking your car for a test drive. Do not work on the rear wheels simultaneously. It will drain more brake fluid when you try to multitask. Lastly, when bleeding the brakes, you will be required to pump the brake pedal several times.

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